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so here it goes again

I dont know why but I feel like typing. So here I go with my rambles.

This is the exact reason I didnt wanna get involved with him. I cant handle being invloved with boys. I cant stand little games that they play. He doesnt know how to handle real feelings. Instead of some bullshit little girl that likes him. Thats not me anymore, I cant just sit around and wait every second for the phone to ring. I cant sit around and wonder when the next time I'll see him. If anyone out there really knows me,they know I cant take being apart from someone I feel for. But stupid me thinking that I'm 'stable' enough to handle anything that comes my way. But I cant do that anymore (atleast not for awhile). It takes a long time for a broken heart to heal (if it ever can). Im pretty sure its possible for me just not now. He makes me feel good,makes me smile, makes me forget all that is wrong. All of that just to be thrown to the side like always. Boys see me as a neat little toy that is just awesomly cool. But once a new toy comes around they look at how dull and lifeless there'used to be cool toy' is. They drop it and run away. Thats why I say fuck boys I need a man. Someone who can relate to me. Someone who can understand where I'm at. I have found someone who I thought I could count on. But instead I find a child who just needs someone to be there here and there. Well thats not part of my objective. Actually i dont even think I have an objective. Maybe its to just find someone who wont waste my time.

thank you for your concern but you can leave now.
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