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im praying for tidal waves

argh,its been awhile since ive actually done an update instead of some quizes and some words. Here goes nothing, ive been sick for the past few days. Aaron took me to the hospital and got me some meds,i feel a little better but not much. I had some kind of throat virus (not strep). Everyone i know is getting strep now, its fucking crazy how fast that shit goes around. Anyways im still on the hunt for a job i havent been able to go hunting these last couple of weeks but my number one place is Taco Hell. If all else fails i know that i have a home in the taco (i know what your thinking you sick bastards!!)But anyways, me and dustin are going aight (i say that like im with him) anyways. I hope he realizes soon that he is still a child. I dont think he does but he is. I know this because he just looks out for number one himself, instead of me and him (cause when you really like someone, you tend to be careful with their feelings as well as yours) but he is still in the process of 'selfishness' and thats fine he'll grow out of it someday just like i did. But until then im not going any further with this relationship thinggy going on. I realized the other day that Aaron (as stupid as he is) is all in all a good guy. And the girl he finally chooses to settle with will be a very happy woman. I had to find out the bad way how much he would go through for someone he loved....(god knows that was some muther fucking shit). But all is good now, hes just like a brother to me,and me as a sister to him (sorta, lol). I was really hoping id get a letter from Josh (clown boy) today, but he must be outta some paper er some shit. Cause if he would have written me it would have been here already. Jenny's begining to piss me off BAD!! She made this list the other night entitled " MY RULES " and i was like WHAT THE FUCK BITCH(er shall i say mom?), i dont live with my god damn parents. Even if i did, i wouldnt have rules like that. She says she doesnt want peole staying the night, unless she doesnt have to get up early then its ok. And uhm oh yeah when people are allowed to stay the night they cant sleep on the couch, cause when jenny gets up she likes to watch tv and she cant if someones on the couch (so then she crys about it). Shes afraid to come to me about problems she has with me, she just runs and bitches to Jay about it (like a situation i was in before). I must be one scary ass bitch,cause everyone i know is scared to talk to me about issuses that they may have with me. I dont know why, i guess i have one of those personalities, i dunno **shurgs**. She needs to learn that if you want respect, you have to give to recive. Maybe her mother never taught her that as a child, if thats so i will be more then willing to teach the little bitch. She likes to take a small problem and make it into a major world issue. She cant handle stress and she freaks out over little ass shit. For example i was writing Josh (clown-boy) a letter the other day and when i had problems spelling a word i would write on another side paper to see if it looks right. Well i did that with these words -always- , -attatched- , -obsessed- , so she tells Jay that im leaving her messages to fuck with her and piss her off. (once again been in this situation before). Shes a really self absorbed person and she fucking gets on my god damn fucking last nerve. Next time i hear her bitching ass mouth im gonna fucking slam it shut with my god damn fist. that ive vented,lol. Im starting to get my appetite back. I just ate some chilli. What a great way to start your appetite back up. Well i just stopped and realized how much ive typed so im gonna end this here and say

-- boob juice and mountian spu--
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