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mother f*er

So I'm going to both Dave shows no matter how fucking prego fat I will be. Its pretty damn close to my due date though. It would be fucking A funny shit if I had my kid at a Dave Matthews show!

tuh huh

Anyways just found out the line up for Ozzfest, fucking A pimpin' shit man. Killswitch is gonna be there, Shadows Fall, As I Lay Dying, MOTHER FUCKING GOD DAMN IN FLAMES BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Arch Enemy, Rob Zombie is headlining second stage, Bury Your Dead, Trivium and more. A mystery band (someone who hasnt signed yet) will be playing before Iron Maiden and after Shadows Fall....dunno who yet but it better be fucking brutal!

Im excited about this shit on the real yo'.

Ok my prego ass is dying of starvation so im outty 5000.
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