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another crazy dream....

Heres my dream. (yeah its gonna be long)

First off this dream was so vivid and real it was fucked up. I have never had a dream were it was this damn real. 

It starts out with Scottie and I in our own homw with 2 kids (Aidan and his son). He is rarely home and never wants to touch me. Then one day I just happen to go to the gas station and this girl recognizes me and says shes fucking my b/f! Well I dont believe her and I go home to confront Scottie about this shit. And to my surprise he owns up to it. Then proceeds to tell me how worthless and boring I am. I start crying and asking him how long this had been going on and his answer was 2 years. I go back to the gas station were this girl whose name was, Thiya, tells me that she knew about me from ther get go. That made me tripple more times mad at her. (it would have been one thing if she didnt know about me) So we argue and shit for awhile and I'm saying things like " BITCH IVE BEEN WITH HIM FOR 6 YEARS NOW AND YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST COME IN HERE AND FUCK MY MAN!!!!". So Scottie starts packing his shit cause I have kicked him out and hes moves in with Bill and Brandi (some friends of mine who he is now at this time staying with hahaha). So I go over to Brandis house to talk to him to fnd out how someone can be so damn mean and cold to someone they say they love. I talk to him and he ells me that he never loved me , that I was just a thing for him to play with. I cried my damn eyes out and he just smiled and called his g/f. He tells me " when your with someone and they start terlling you what to do its then not a relationship no more its just a battle for your life back".  He says when hes with her she makes him feel special and important like hes a somebody again. That all I did was make him feel chained down and stepped on. Well I am just overly pissed off and extremly sadden by whats going on so I decide to go out and drink my life away. (if anyone knows me thay know I dont drink fer shit anymore) So I get completly wasted and go see this 'Thiya' at her work. Let me explain how he looked, she had long straight ass thin red hair, chunkier then me with  a wide ass, and makeuop just caked on her face. So I go and see her but shes isnt working its someone else. He tells me that shes in her trruck with her sister about to leave in the parking lot. So I grab this long ass fold up wooden table and start busting out her windows and such. She gets out and says "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING SLUT!?!?!?" and I reply, "I WILL CRACK YOUR FUCKING SKULL BITCH NOW GET BACK IN THE TRUCK!!". So she takes the fuck off and the ops get called. Im drunk as hell trying to explain my entire story to the fucking copd who could give two fucks less about why I just fucked this bitchwes car up. 2 monthsd pass by and I call him to work out kid issues. He askes if wecan talk about us, I say sure. He has me meet him at his bitches workj and then takes me for a ride in her truck to 'talk'. She calls him not 10 minutes later asking him to pick her fat ass up. (but when she calls her ring tone is "I Miss You" by Incubus which its kinda like our song.). Too fucked up. So he says " your gonna have to get out right here so I can go pick her up ok?" and I say "we're in the middle of fucking nowhere and you want me out now?". So yeah he drops me off and says "look Sabrina its over between you and I, I honestly cant stand the sight of you anymore, so just go"

Right there is were I woke myself up....Ok I dont think any of you care but I wanted to have this down somewhere so I wouldnt forget this was just too fucking real.
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