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she is your darkness

So i've been fucking up a lot here lately. I've had my head up my own ass for months now. Not caring about anything or anyone. 

Been drinking just a wee bit too much.

I need to keep focus on whats important here and what I'm here to do. I just find myself looking to escape from myself a lot. Hints why I've been drinking. I just wish it was easier. Somehow to blink and make everything all better and in place. If everything was that easy people would be a lot happier. But it's not. You have to work for what you have. It makes it makes you appreciate it more when you have to bust ass to get what you need. 

Hard to be postive when everything just keeps going wrong, and nothing goes right. Makes you believe that things arent ever gonna get better and things are just getting worse with every second. How much can one handle? Seriously?

I need an

I don't need anyone but fuck off!
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