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this is what happens when you get REALLY bored

You Are Silvia Saint

Tiny, naturally curvy, known for her great ass - and an appetite for sex

You're innocent looking enough to drive all the men crazy

But sexy enough to be a top Penhouse Pet or high paid stripper

And unlike other porn stars, you like your dick of all flavors and races

What Porn Starlet Are You?

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You Are 75% Skilled @ Blowjobs!

You're 75% skilled at blowjobs.

You are great, with the potential of being stellar.

All you lack is a couple of dynamic moves.

You can be a little too eager - making the experience for the other person a bit rough.

Take it easy. Be a little more sensual in your oral sex endeavors.

You are on the right track though. Practice makes perfect.

How Does Your Blow Job Rate?

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50 a night

You Would Make $50 a Night!

You've got the raw sex drive (and hot pants) to walk the streets

And all those $10 oral quickies add up over time!

How Much Could You Make as a Prostitute?

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Your Stripper Name is Tiffany!

You're a wild stripper... in fact, too wild for most clubs.

When you're not at the raunchiest strip club in town, you take your act to private parties.

You strip and do all sorts of crazy tricks at bachelor parties, driving the guys wild.

Games, lesbian shows, and even a little handjob action are all a part of your routine.

You just want to have fun - and get paid to do it.

Chances are you'll outgrow this stripper thing eventually, or become a hardcore porn star!

What's *Your* Stripper Name?

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Your Freaky Fetish Is Asphyxiation!

Definition: having your breathing deprived

In this case for heightened orgasm

Usually done alone, but sometimes with a partner

Bottom line - you're one kinky mofo!!

What's Your Freaky Fetish?

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you were telling the truth when you said that you were gonna be on the computer 24-7 now that you have fancy-pants DSL. but, all the quizzes would make one think that you've just become bored.