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suck me off

ah poo, i really need to sleep. but as usual i cant (go figure). anyways tonight was pretty decent. i got to see alot of old faces in which i havent seen in fucking A forever. anyways blah i had a massive head ache after the show. (porlly due to the over dose of Fritos i sniffed). so yeah i just feel like asshole and i cant sleep for fucking dick.

i think ill be moving in with Holly till the end of this month then its POOF, off to the eastside. i really wish i didnt have to move all the way over there, but you do what ya gotta do.

uhm i dont think theres much else for me to say.

someone IM me im fucking bored as piss shit

AIM: s0r0ritykiller20 (the o's are zeros)
save me
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