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quick update.... for who i dont know

So everything is going good nothing new to report other than Aidan is now 6months and has 5 teeth (2 that are fully grown in). Scottie and I are still happy as ever. I just have a problem with focusing in on the little dumb shit. That man is my world! I honestly dont know what or where I would be without him.

oh yeah I love Scottie tuh huh

I'll post pix of Aidan when I can, I'm just broke and without a job right now.

Josh (clown-boy) called me the other I miss him so much.

Uhm well nothing new to report, later fuckos
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happy for ya kid. remember me right? i'm that one youngin who was around that one time, oh yeah, dustin, thats right!!!! anyways, whus been up bitch, havent heard from ya in ages, and i'm happy for you n scotty, hope ya'll are still doing good. i figured this is the ONLY way we'd get to talk so i'm droppin ya a line. got a steady job, i'm a telemarketer, so i'm now the most hated person in the world. pfffft. anways, as always, i'm single as fuck, n cant find ANYBODY to take me in!!! oh well, its fun trying though!!! i try n use my cuteness to real em in, but then the line breaks when i realize i'm a loser!!! as you would say "tuh hut". i'm glad you can finally say you love a male without being sarcastic. i remember when i used to tell YOU i loved you. funny little me, so young....but yet so right. CHECK THIS!!! My supervisor, ashlee, LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE YOU!!!! NO FUCKING JOKE!!!! i saw her n said "HOLY FUCK, SABRINA!!! WHATCHA WORKIN HERE FOR?!?!" and then she was lke "i'm not names ashlee" its so fucking weird, cause she acts JUST LIKE YOU!!! hahahahah, of course i hit on her, and i THINK she likes me. and get THIS. she has a lil baby girl. she's so fucking cute, i wanna meet her. uhmmmmm, call me sometime hoe. 215-4732. i wanna hear your voice again. btw, get attacked by any bats lately? hahahahah. remember that time when....omg...i cant remembr ANYTHING we did anymore...kinda sad huh? oh well, i guess you can say i've "gotten over you". i still miss ya, and still think that we coulda had something, but what do i know, i'm just about to turn 19. so yeah...take call....tell me to die...i dont care, i just wanna hear your voice again brina. i hope you have a terrific relationship with your new male friend, and please...make fun of him ONCE for me!!! you know how i am with that. hehehehe, aaron, what a douche....he shoulda hit me, that woulda been great. later kid, always n forever -----^--(@

One Luv