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moved again...

I'm now living at Cari's with Show and Tracy. Kinda tight but I wont be here for long. Adain and I have our own room, Tracy's on the couch in the dining room and well Cari an Show have thrir own room. I'm still on the southside off of 31 and Thompson. Scotty and I have taken a break cause he's well shall we say messed up? Yeah that works. 

Adain's birthday is coming up like real soon and I have no damn idea what I'm going to do about it. Jason and Sara (baby daddy and his wife) have invited me to a jig their throwing just cause they want me there with him. My baby is going to be 2 soon it farken blows my mind.  He will repeat anything you say (which is good and bad). 

If anyone wants to reach me I have a home number now its 870-3624 so yeah hook it up er sumffen.


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