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good ol' update

Im living on the east side now at Dogboys house. This house is packed full of people, but I have nowhere else to go. I'm back working for Taco Bell, working about 50-65 hours a week. I'm content with that, cause god nows I need the money. I'll be moving again here shortly with someone, not sure who yet but with a roomie. My son is with his father the majority of the time. I only get to see him on my days off.which are few and far between, I miss the shit outta him BIG TIME.

Scottie and I split for good. He began dating a friend of mine while him and I were still seeing each other. Sabrina will not be getting into one of those for a long time. Too busy working on me and getting back to a point were I can stand comfortably alone. Scottie wanted me to depend on him, wanted to take care of me and my son. He lost his job, he got us evicted and the car repo'd. He got caught stealing at his job, which might I ad was a REALLY good job. He fucked up hard core. So I moved in with Cari and he moved in with Bill and Brandi. We continued to try and work on things and I was giving him yet another opportunity to get his shit together and re-build. I left the fate of 'us' in his hands. He then decides to start fucking a friend of mine who knew my situation and cared less about it and started staying at his NEW apartment. He  then in turn starts ignoring me and stops calling. Mind you the months that we lived apart he was filling my head with all these false hopes of happiness. " Baby I love you, and would die for you. I would do anything in the world to make you happy!!". Calling me on a daily, crying and moaning about how he doesnt deserve a second chance with me. "I have fucked up sooooo much, will you ever forgive me??". I mean just to be together he was paying for hotel rooms just so we could spend the night together. Yeah the whole situation was kinda fucked. I'm not gonna be seeing anyone for a long time. I may date, but thats all.

Ok, well theres my mini update, talk to you later LJ.

peace love and olive juice
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